Centrifugal fans
CF Fan 5
CF Fan 2
CF Fan 1

This product features non-overloading centrifugal fans in SWSI (single width, single inlet) design backward inclined flat blade designated as BC Both designs are a popular choice for the efficient handling of large volumes of relatively clean air at low to moderate pressures in applications such as:

HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning)

Combustion air supply

Filtration and drying systems

Fume hood and spray booth and other exhaust systems

Air pollution control (clean side of dust collectors)

Industrial processes    

Please discuss your particular application with the WRC representative OR company.

WRC Fan & Blower has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality air moving equipment and continues to advance by implementing a philosophy that stresses quality in all of its operations.

Our products are known for their rugged construction and reliability of operation.

WRC Fan & Blower offers flexibility in design and construction of fans coupled with superior service before and after the sale.

We have a wide range of Centrifugal Fan of Capacity starting from 500 m3/hr at 15 mm WG static pressure to 200000 m3 /hr at 450 mm WG static pressure.