The origins of WRC Engineering Company (WRC) can be traced back to pre 1968. The original firm, M/s. Fridge quip was engaged in maintenance activity for Amul Dairy, Anand. In 1968, the name was changed to M/s. Western Refrigeration. This firm was having trading and maintenance activities for refrigeration and air condition appliances. After several intermediary changes the name was changed to Western Refrigeration Company. This company had authorized dealership for Shriram Tecumseh Hermetic Sealed Compressor and room / package air conditioning systems. After some more structural changes, WRC Engineering Company (WRC) came into existence in 1995.


WRC’s scope was redefined as consultant, contractor and manufacturers of Dust Extraction System, Air pollution system, Fire Fitting System, etc all in the space of environmental friendly equipment.

WRC acquired in stages two plots of industrial land each of 703 sq. meters; acquired the required machinery and also put in place efficient fabrication and assembly team for carrying out manufacturing activity. An important aspect in supply of items listed above is that the end users are normally big corporate names or large PSUs. The equipment to be supplied are normally through EPC contractors.

Yet another and crucial aspect is that of “Vendor Qualification”. As equipment go into a large project norms of vendor qualification are strict. Once, this entry barrier is overcome, references are built up and scope for business in terms of volume, geographical coverage, enhanced client profile, product up gradation in value chain, etc. is enlarged. It is less easily said; actually this is a hard job involving engineering, design and commercial skill.

WRC has the advantage of having won prequalification from several important clients like ELECON, TECPRO, TATA PROJECTS, BHEL, TKIL, BGR etc & also approved Vendor/Worked in project of NTPC, DCPL, Desein, TCS etc.


WRC Engineering Company was established in the year 1995 by renaming Western Refrigeration Company to WRC Engineering Company, as Consulting Engineers and Manufacturer of Dust control equipment such as Ventilation System, Dust Extraction System, Dust Suppression System, Refrigeration & Air conditioning machinery & Spares, and other Sheet Metal & Structural Fabrication.

In June 2009 Mr. P.M. Patel, well experienced owner of WRC Engineering Company has decided to join hands with other two highly experienced in engineering field Directors of M/s Spillban Environmental Pvt. Ltd., to convert the company to Private Limited Company. Thus changing the name to WRC Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.


The growing awareness for need of a green environmental friendly planet has many off shoots – manufacturing and processing industries are by statute required to ensure pollution free work atmosphere. The proprietor of WRC, Mr. Prathmesh M. Patel, a qualified engineer saw immense scope in his new field of activity.

Mr. Hemant C. Amin and his son Mr. Kunal H. Amin had independently seen the merit in entering the field of manufacture and supply of environmental friendly equipments that are required to be installed to ensure pollution free environment. They constituted a Private Limited Company named Spillban Environmental Private Limited (SEPL) with the objective of setting up manufacturing facilities in a suitable location, preferably in the industrial estate, GIDC, Vithal Udyognagar.

Mr. Hemant C. Amin with good background of managing industrial manufacturing unit, Mr. Kunal H. Amin is almost a fresher eagar to make his mark in engineering industry. It is of relevance here to note that in supplies of environmental related equipments the space is not a standalone one; it is a part of a larger EPC job. To clarify, say, a Power Plant comes up. Possibly, a large player may take up the project on EPC basis. He may off loads several activities to specialists in those fields. A main criteria in this kind of activity is that there is a need for all suppliers to get qualified. Once, qualification requirements are in place, you can bid and get your bid evaluated. This kind of prequalification for each kind of equipment and for a wide range of capacity requires a very strong spade work in the initial years. To get qualified as a supplier, one must establish references for at least two or three working plants elsewhere. To get the first order in each type of equipment and for various capacities is therefore very tricky and requires a strong engineering background combined with commercial ingenuity.

It can now be seen that a growing WRC with established foot hold in the space of manufacture and supply of environmental friendly equipments but having a handicap in Human Resources due to a restriction in activity of the brain behind WRC, P. M. Patel and promoters, Hemant Amin and Kunal Amin have a mutuality of interest and synergy to work together. With the skills and knowledge of all the Directors, the Company has the vision and capability to reach new heights and establish a strong reputation in this field.